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Your Tooth Replacement Options

Restore your smile and boost your confidence with these tooth replacement options. 

When it comes to treating tooth loss, our Cincinnati, OH, dentists offer many options, including dental implants, bridges, and dentures. So, whatever your goals are for restoring your smile, our dental team can help you achieve it. Here’s what you should know about these common tooth replacement options:

Dental Implants 

Probably the most talked-about tooth replacement option right now is the dental implant. That’s because this amazing restoration acts just like a real tooth, providing the patient with a permanent replacement. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into the jawbone by our Cincinnati, OH, dental team to support a false tooth or teeth. Most healthy adults who are missing at least one tooth are ideal candidates for implants.


If you are dealing with significant tooth loss and you want a simple, easy solution for replacing your teeth, then you may be considering the benefits of dentures. There are different kinds of dentures available, but the two main types are full and partial dentures. Regardless of which choice is best for you, today's advanced dental technology ensures that your dentures will look like real teeth and feel as comfortable as possible.

Dental Bridge 

If you are missing a single tooth or several teeth in a row a bridge may be an effective restoration for filling those gaps. Bridges can be fixed in place with the help of dental crowns, which are placed over healthy neighboring teeth on both sides of the gap, or you may choose to have implants placed to support your bridge.

Implant-Supported Dentures 

Just as you can place an implant to support a single crown or hold a bridge in place, this same long-term restoration can also be placed along the jawbone to support dentures. Implants can help to secure your false teeth firmly in place above the gumline to prevent them from shifting around when chewing or speaking.

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