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Maintaining a White Smile

A bright white smile speaks volumes about you to those who are meeting you for the first time. Keeping your teeth white isn't difficult if you know what you're doing! Fortunately, the team of dentists at Mt. Lookout Dentistry in Cincinnati, Ohio have the information you need to keep your smile bright or restore it to its former appeal with cosmetic dentistry.

How do teeth become stained?

Coffee and tea, as well as red wine and colas are well-known stain culprits when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Foods such as blueberries, tomato or soy sauces, and those that contain curry or balsamic vinegar are also known to leave their mark. This is due not only to the concentrated colors, but also to the high acid content of the particles that become embedded in the microscopic spaces on the surface of your teeth.

How do I keep my smile white?

The best way to preserve the bright whiteness of your teeth is to avoid the foods and beverages we listed above. But your Cincinnati dentist knows that abstaining from all the stain-causing substances can be difficult, particularly if you've gotten used to having a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning or your family enjoys Italian food with tomato-based sauces. To keep your smile sparkling, make sure you're brushing your teeth after enjoying these foods and drinks. At the very least, rinsing with a glass of water will help cut back on the presence of acid until you can brush properly. Using a mouthwash with fluoride in it is helpful as well. Taking these steps is especially important if you've recently whitened your teeth with a cosmetic dentistry procedure; you'll want to maintain your investment as long as possible!

If your teeth are stained and you're ready to revitalize your smile, Mt. Lookout Dentistry in Cincinnati, Ohio offers a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures, including professional whitening, to bring your brightness back. Contact us at 513-871-2852 for an appointment with one of our friendly and caring dental team members.

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