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What COVID 19 Protocols Should I See When Visiting MT. Lookout Dentistry?

We do not know how long we will be COVID 19 and we cannot ignore or oral health. Our office protocols are in place to help protect the dental healthcare professional and our patients. There is a protocol in place to address all potential concerns.

  1. Protocols for Aerosols 

    These protocols are in place to ensure that the infected aerosols (droplets) will not be floating in the air for anyone to potentially inhale them. One of the first things you will notice when you enter the office is a sign with instructions to cover your mouth when you cough, disposing of any tissues, and immediately washing your hands or using the hand sanitizer provided. We will provide you with tissues, masks, washing facilities, and hand sanitizer.

    Mt. Lookout Dentistry has taken even more safety measures by installing UV Air Purifiers. UV air purifier has UV lamps to kill micro-organisms like bacteria or viruses. UV light is proven to inactivate bacteria and viruses and is a widely used technology to reduce biocontaminants.

  2. Protocols for the Patient 

    Before the appointment, patients are pre-screened to declare their health status and a dental healthcare professional will take your temperature before entering the office to make sure all patients are healthy prior to their appointment. We are scheduling to minimize contact with any other patients and we have arranged the office setting to allow for social distancing. You will see that some of our chairs are marked and patients cannot sit on them.

  3. Protocols for the Healthcare Professional

    The Dentists and staff have been immunized for different types of infections. We are screened daily to declare health status and our temperature is taken before we start our workday. If any healthcare professional has signs of infection, he/she will not be attending work. This way they will not put any other staff or patients in danger. Our dental healthcare professionals must follow very strict precautions to protect themselves and our patients. Hand hygiene is of extreme importance and they must wash their hands before and after seeing each patient and when working on our equipment. They also wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as disposable gowns, masks, face shields, gloves, and clothes that cover their entire skin so that splashing blood or saliva will not contact their skin.

  4. Protocols for Equipment

    There is a sterilization process in place for reusable equipment and is done by trained personnel wearing appropriate PPEs. Each piece of equipment should be sterilized based on the risk of transmitting disease and the manufacturer's instructions.


  5. Protocols for the Office Environment

    The office is routinely disinfected using hospital-grade disinfectants and areas that are hard to clean are covered with surface barriers.

With these new dental protocols and precautions, it is safe to visit Mt. Lookout Dentistry even during COVID. If you are still cautious and want to be sure that you are going to a COVID safe dentist, you can call the office at 513-871-2852 and speak with one of our skilled healthcare professional team members and they can discuss these precautions with you. Together we can defeat this virus!

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