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Cincinnati Dentist: Cincinnati Bengals Tackle Dental Problems

cincinnati OH DentistThis month the Cincinnati Bengals, professional American football franchise, tackled dental problems by promoting oral health education. Kids in the Cincinnati community received a dental cleaning and x-ray. The Cincinnati Bengals’s main goal was to promote the significance of oral hygiene.
It’s our mission at Mt. Lookout Dentistry to educate patients, young and old, about the importance of upholding proper oral hygiene techniques. So, what does it take to maintain optimal oral health and combat tooth decay and gum disease?


Pick a toothbrush that feels comfortable to hold, and make sure the brush has soft and sturdy bristles to help remove small food particles stuck on and between the teeth. We recommend you brush your teeth twice a day. However, brushing after every meal is the best way to rid your teeth of plaque buildup. Also, it’s very important to brush for at least two minutes. Spend thirty seconds on each quadrant of your mouth.


Proper flossing helps remove bacteria and food particles. The floss reaches between teeth and near the gumline where toothbrushes can’t reach. Wrap the floss around each middle or index finger and move the floss gently between your teeth, following the curves.


Mouthwash removes remaining particles and plaque, so you have clean teeth. Talk to your Cincinnati dentists, Drs. David Croop and Ben Gosnell about the best oral hygiene techniques. Plus, Drs. Croop and Gosnell can talk to you about dental issues specific to your teeth.
Besides fighting tooth decay and gum disease, we know some patients deal with other dental problems, such as a missing tooth or minor imperfection. Mt. Lookout Dentistry, in Cincinnati, OH, utilizes multiple cosmetic and restorative procedures to restore a patient’s smile. Find the best dentists in Cincinnati at Mt. Lookout Dentistry. 

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