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Cincinnati Dentist Talks National Nutrition and Diabetes Alert Day

Nutrition and Oral Health
You probably already know your diet plays a big part in your oral health. If all you eat is candy and junk food, your teeth will start to suffer by developing enamel wear. Unhealthy eating habits also factor into your risk of plaque, tartar, decay and gingivitis.
National Nutrition Month’s campaign is, “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right.” We believe you should enjoy the oraloral health health benefits of eating right!
Diabetes and Oral Health
Did you know diabetes makes your body more susceptible to bacteria? When your body has too much bacteria in the mouth, it’s harder to fight it off and protect the teeth and gums.
When enamel and gum inflammation begins to appear, you have an increased risk of dental caries, gingivitis and gum disease. That’s why it’s important to see your dentists in Cincinnati, Drs. David Croop and Ben Gosnell, and on a regular basis, especially when diabetes is a piece of the puzzle.
Diabetes and Eating Healthy
As we recognize National Nutrition Month and Diabetes Alert Day, it seems fitting to highlight the importance of eating healthy.
If you have diabetes, your primary physician has stressed the importance of tracking blood sugar levels and dietary habits. The best food choices for diabetes and oral health end up correlating, so it won’t be too hard for you to incorporate different food. Some good food groups include whole grains, fresh vegetables and heart-healthy proteins.
Do you need a checkup? Call our Cincinnati dentist office at (513) 871-2852.
Are you looking for tips about healthy eating? (link to afternoon snacks: watch out for cavities). Check out the number of oral health resources on our website.

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