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5 Facts About Dental Implants

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Whether you’ve already gotten dental implants in Cincinnati or you are still weighing your options, here are some interesting and fun facts about this popular dental procedure.

Fact #1: Dental implants have been around for centuries

The first ancient dental implant to be documented was around 600 AD, when shells were used to replace missing teeth in Mayan women. However, unlike modern dental implants, these shells were hammered into the jawbone. Thank goodness for modern dentistry and anesthesia!

Fact #2: They promote new bone growth

Did you know that dental implants are the only treatment that not only preserves your jawbone but also stimulates bone growth? When people lose a tooth immediate changes begin to happen to the jawbone. Just like with muscles, if you don’t use your jawbone you lose it. Since your tooth is no longer using the bone, the bone starts to weaken. However, dental implants stop this bone loss from happening and also stimulate the creation of new bone cells. In many ways dental implants mimics the qualities of a natural tooth.

Fact #3: Dental implants can’t get cavities

You’ll be happy to know that because dental implants are artificial you won’t have to worry about developing cavities in your new tooth. While this is music to most people’s ears this doesn’t mean you can neglect your smile. In order to ensure the longevity of your dental implants, you’ll want to commit to good oral hygiene and also regular dental visits to maintain a healthy smile.

Fact #4: Osseointegration is the key to an implant’s success

Osseointegration describes the process of metal and human bones and tissue naturally fusing together. During the procedure the implant is surgical embedded into the bone socket and given time to heal. During these months of healing, the surrounding gums and bones will begin to grow around the metal post, anchoring it into the jawbone. This makes the implant a permanent structure within your mouth that won’t slip around or fall out.

Fact #5: Dental implants are made from the same material as space shuttles

It might seem hard to believe but the titanium used in creating implants is also used in building space shuttles and tennis racquets. That’s because titanium is a strong, durable metal that is also non-corrosive and non-toxic (so it is safe for your mouth).
If you think you’re ready to commit to dental implants, call our office today so we can set up a consultation. We would love to see implants change your smile for a lifetime.

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