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Curious about Waterpik? So were we! The office recently attended a lunch and learn with a Waterpik representative so that we could learn all about the products they have available and how they could benefit our patients. If you aren’t familiar with the product, Waterpik is a water flosser that uses water pressure and pulsation to clean along the gum line as well as in between the teeth. It can also be used for removing the plaque biofilm and debris around crowns, bridges, and implants.

According to the documentation provided by Waterpik, the water flosser is clinically proven to improve oral health and reduce plaque biofilm, bleeding, gingivitis, periodontal pathogens, and Pro-inflammatory mediators/cytokines.  There are a variety of attachments available including ones specifically designed for crown and bridge, orthodontic appliances, implants, and periodontal pockets.

Now comes the million dollar question we know you are wondering…… does the water flosser replace floss? At our office, we still feel that floss has its place.  We believe the Waterpik to be an excellent adjunct to be used in conjunction with your oral health regimen that includes brushing and flossing.

Overall, we were impressed by the Waterpik but we always want to give patients our personal experiences so many of us ordered Waterpiks to try at home. We will be using them for a few weeks so stay tuned for an updated blog post with our personal thoughts and opinions about the Waterpik water flosser.  

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