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Electric vs. Traditional Toothbrushes

Find out which type of toothbrush wins in the great cleaning debate.

We’ve all seen commercials for electric toothbrushes touting the benefits of a cleaner, healthier smile. So, is there some truth to these Toothbrushcommercials? Are they better than traditional toothbrushes for removing plaque buildup and food from your teeth and gumline? Find out the pros and cons of each toothbrush and talk to your Cincinnati dentist Drs. David Croop, Robert Bertsch, Benjamin Gosnell, and Brenda Bertsch  about which toothbrush is the right choice for you.

Traditional Toothbrush
If you brush properly you can get an effective clean: Who says you can’t get a clean enough smile with a manual toothbrush? If you are brushing for at least two minutes and you are making sure to get into all those hard-to-reach places and along the gumline then a clean smile with a manual toothbrush shouldn’t be a problem.
Easy on-the-go clean: Whether you travel a lot for business or pleasure you don’t want to have to deal with carrying batteries or bulky chargers with you. In this case, traditional toothbrushes are the better travel companion.
More styles: Who says manual toothbrushes don’t have style? There is a toothbrush to fit every mouth. Soft bristles can be easy on enamel but tough on plaque while smaller heads can get into those smaller areas of the mouth where bacteria lurk.
More effort: Since you don’t have the help of the electric pulsing, you’ll have to figure out the exact amount of force to apply to your teeth to remove plaque and food.
No timer: Unless you set a timer you have to guess how long you’ve been brushing. While it might feel like you’ve been brushing for the allotted 2 minutes, you’d be surprised to hear that in actuality many patients do not even brush for more than 1 minute.

Electrical Toothbrush
Simple to use: Turn the toothbrush on and you can practically let it do the work as you guide it along your teeth and gums.
Easier for children: Children often find brushing with an electric toothbrush more fun than a traditional one, so they are more likely to brush their teeth.
Timed sessions: Many electric toothbrushes come with a 2-minute timer, so you know when to stop brushing.
They are expensive: If you’ve priced traditional toothbrushes against electric ones, you know the significant difference in prices. Expect to pay more for a powered toothbrush, but if you're more likely to use a powered toothbrush over a manual model, it will pay for itself in the money you'll save on dental procedures.
Batteries: Most electric toothbrushes run on batteries, which means keeping a stock of AAs in the house, or charging those brushes that run on a rechargeable pack.
Bulky: These toothbrushes are more cumbersome to take with you on trips or to the office.
How you care for your smile is extremely important but nothing takes the place of a professional cleaning from your Cincinnati dentist. If it’s time for your six-month visit, then it’s time to call Mt. Lookout Dentistry.

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