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My Filling Will Last a Lifetime, Right?

Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures, and they can bring both pain relief and peace of mind. Once you’ve had a cavityfilling filled, your tooth feels better and you rest easier knowing that it’s protected. But for how long?

Every filling has a lifespan that depends on several factors. They may last for many years, but even the strongest fillings aren’t permanent. Having your fillings repaired by your Cincinnati, OH dentist at Mt. Lookout Dentistry is a vital part of your dental hygiene practice.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

With good dental care, fillings generally last for at least 5 to 15 years. The longevity of your filling depends on the material used, your dental care routine and the amount of force it bears from chewing or teeth grinding. Eventually your filling may crack, loosen or fall out entirely. This opens the door for bacteria to penetrate the tooth, which may result in the need for a root canal or tooth extraction if not treated quickly.

How Do I Know If My Filling Needs To Be Repaired?

Your biannual cleanings aren’t just for preventing new cavities. Every time your dentist examines your teeth, they’re checking your existing fillings for signs of wear and tear. A filling that is failing may not be obvious to you, since it doesn’t always produce obvious symptoms. However, your dentist will notice right away when an old filling is putting your tooth at risk.

Sometimes a broken filling can cause significant pain or discomfort. If a once-filled tooth is aching again, or if you notice any blood or swelling around it, contact your dentist immediately. Replacing a fractured filling as soon as possible prevents painful problems from developing, and reduces the need for more extensive dental procedures.

Cincinnati Dentist

To keep your teeth healthy and protected, it's essential to have your fillings checked regularly for signs of wear. Schedule a visit at Mt. Lookout Dentistry in Cincinnati, OH to make sure your teeth stay strong for a lifetime. Request your appointment online or call (513) 871-2852 today.

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